How Forcepoint Went From “Folders, Papers, and Spreadsheets” to “All in One Place” With Sign In Compliance




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Clunky Spreadsheets, Scattered Stacks of Paper, and a Disjointed Team

Rachel Brandt-Hickey is the AFSO, Security Manager for Forcepoint. After a rewarding career in Security Forces as an active duty member of the Airforce, she went on to obtain degrees in psychology and human resources before starting her civilian career as a Federal Security contractor.

One thing she noticed right away: there was no clear solution for paperwork, contracts, and tracking. And although Forcepoint was using another security software company when she joined, it was riddled with inefficiencies.

“I had to pull together a makeshift tracking mechanism with Excel. It was so difficult to make sense of everything. Even with our old security software, it was still necessary. I was finagling my way through reports, tracking travel requests and clearances… all with manual spreadsheets.” she said.

“Pulling reports was a tedious task because I had to go through each and every single person and consolidate them manually, one by one in a spreadsheet. I’d often look at everything and feel lost.”


Bringing Everything (and, Everyone) Together

Rachel’s boss introduced Sign In Compliance to the Forcepoint team several months after he joined after seeing the hardship his team endured with spreadsheets. She was blown away by the simplicity, ease of use, and efficiency. It was a “day one R.O.I.”

“Before Sign In Compliance we did everything in Excel. We’d highlight cells yellow, green, or red to track progress and changes. And then - we'd have to add comments. And my boss would have to go in and manually search for what he needed. It was all in different spreadsheets and near impossible to make sense of for anyone but me.”

Sign In Compliance provided Rachel and the Forcepoint security team a new way of doing security compliance. No more clunky spreadsheets and scattered piles of paper. No more unnecessary phone calls and meetings to “get on the same page.”

Because with Sign In Compliance, the entire  team is on the same page from day one.

“Sign In Compliance puts everything in one place. Now that they've launched workflows, we finally have our time back. We can see how many tasks are waiting, make sure appropriate tasks are delegated, and everything is automatically updated. It makes work so much simpler for all of us.”


No More Asking

Sign In Compliance eliminated redundancy, confusion, and duplicated efforts for Forcepoint.

“With workflows, I can log in to one place and see it all. I can tell my boss this was sent to the customer, this is done, and this is waiting on a program manager or an employee. And most of the time he logs in and sees it for himself. He doesn't need to ask us anymore.” she said.

Rachel estimates that Sign In Compliance cut down on “back and forth” by around 50% company-wide.

Because when everyone can login, see what needs to be done, and see what everyone else is doing, there's no need for a call, email, or meeting.

“The boss still asks us maybe 1000 questions a day. But it used to be 2000! The custom fields and statuses are a huge thing for us too. The reports feature is pretty awesome and I like it a lot. And being able to create our own processes within threads… it just has everything we need.”