Say goodbye to onerous record-keeping

Bring your existing records up to date, get organized, and manage security compliance with ease.

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Governance & Recordkeeping

Simplify security with custom tools.

Compliance Navigator

A centralized view of security obligations, evidence of compliance, associations between people, status, and supporting materials. 


Govern all of your contracts in a single location including all affiliated personnel, requirements, assets, and related contracts.


Running a complex multi-facility organization? ThreatSwitch's facility-based security permissions make enterprise implementations a breeze.


Track and manage chain of custody of any asset while maintaining comprehensive records including destruction and transfer receipts.


Visitor management and badge management systems are consolidated and tied to a user’s profile.

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Cross-departmental transparency, all in one place
Custom processes


Fully integrated systems
Automated administration
Easy access to data and records
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Get easy immediate access to everything via customizable analytics dashboards
Spend time on more important initiatives
Leverage automation to maximize the efficiency of your security tasks
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Why Customers
Rely On Us

“Sign In Compliance makes it easy for my employees, vendors, and partners to collaborate and complete security tasks on their own… I can login and see everything they’re doing.”
David Wagoner
Industrial Security Manager at NetApp
“Sign In Compliance dramatically transformed the efficiency of our compliance program by enhancing collaboration within our team and shaving time off of every Belcan employee’s daily security tasks.”
Chuck Helton
FSO at Belcan Government Services
“Sign In Compliance puts everything in one place. Now that they’ve launched workflows, we finally have our time back. We can see how many tasks are waiting, make sure appropriate tasks are delegated, and everything is automatically updated. It makes work so much simpler for all of us.”
Rachel Brandt-Hickey
AFSO Security Manager at Forcepoint
“The old system was cumbersome. I couldn’t import data, assign roles, or send forms... not without a hassle. I couldn’t even enter names without calling support, and the worst part – I had no idea what my employees were doing. Sign In Compliance solved those problems for us.”
Jesse Wiegand
FSO at Schneider Electric Buildings Critical Systems