How Sign In Compliance Helped MicroHealth Transition From Outgrown DIY Systems to an Easy to Use All-in-one Solution

MicroHealth LLC


MicroHealth LLC

MicroHealth provides customers with the knowledge they need to make better decisions for their health and wellness. They rely on the expertise of seasoned health professionals, researchers, informaticists, and technologists who specialize in health information management and technology.


Strung together DIY solutions

MicroHealth works with several different groups internally (e.g. employees, recruiters, and program managers). So when it came to interfacing with each group individually, they didn’t have a simple way to complete foreign travel reports, clearance verifications, and applications – without giving everybody access to everything.

It was becoming increasingly obvious that they’d outgrown their DIY solutions. They knew they had to cut through the noise and give their employees, contractors, and customers the right information. But they needed help improving their workflows, processes, and security protocols first.

“During a recent “DIY” data migration, some of our backend data was corrupted. Though nothing was compromised, it did highlight the need for a robust, reliable commercial solution of some kind. The incident is what ultimately pushed us to find Sign In Compliance.”


An All-in-one Customizable Security Interface

Sign In Compliance allowed MicroHealth to centralize all their records in one place with a Google-like, searchable interface.

While bringing everything together, MicroHealth is now able to limit the information groups or individuals need to see… thereby protecting privacy. They can pick and choose who has access to what and who can view vs. edit, which has been useful in allowing them to show specific people only what they need to see.

Sign In Compliance gave MicroHealth a reliable, robust commercial solution they needed for data storage, and a way to save time on processes across the board.

“The factors that really sealed the deal were the simple, intuitive interface. It’s not outdated or clunky, as so many are. The other big reason is Sign In Compliance’s ability to keep up with changes in the industry faster than any other comparable software provider.”


“The foundation of how our employees interact”

Sign In Compliance helped MicroHealth save time and have greater transparency for all their stakeholders (both internal and external).The purchase/onboarding process was fast and painless, and the MicroHealth team said they “appreciated the accessibility of help and immediate feedback when it was needed. It’s been a great experience and we’re definitely happy with the product overall.”

“Sign In Compliance is so comprehensive and intuitive, I know that if I was unexpectedly unable to fulfill my role, someone else could come in immediately and pick up the job.”