How Sign In Compliance Helped NetApp Reduce Internal Meetings by 75% and Increase Employee Engagement




For nearly three decades, NetApp has helped customers like DreamWorks, AstraZeneca, and Dow Jones build unique data fabrics to deliver the right data and applications to the right place, at the right time, and with the right capabilities.


Low Employee Engagement & “Death By Meeting”

David Wagoner is the Industrial Security Manager for NetApp, which means it’s his responsibility to manage their entire personnel security team. This includes things like processing visit requests, managing foreign travel, implementing security protocols, and even vendor management. Keeping his employees engaged, compliant, and on the go is one of his primary goals.

But when he joined NetApp a few years ago, employees were having trouble staying engaged due to the archaic, outdated security software the company was using. It was difficult to learn, non- employee facing, and incomplete. The result? David had to do the job the security software was supposed to do and because of the constant employee and vendor inquiries, he was experiencing “death by meeting.”

Bottom-line: the time wasted in the unnecessary meetings took a noticeable toll on the team’s ability to stay agile, nimble, and get things done. That’s why David began his search for an all-in- one security solution that could empower employees, cut down on meetings, eliminate the need for excessive back and forth, and give everyone their time back.

Enter Sign In Compliance...

“I wanted to break some of those barriers down and give everybody a better, more secure, more happy, more comfortable fuzzy feeling with security. And that’s exactly what Sign In Compliance has given us.”


An All-in-one Employee-Facing Security Solution

David likes Sign In Compliance because it’s intuitive, comprehensive, and makes managing security easy.

Before Sign In Compliance, both his inbox and calendar were constantly full. But he knew there had to be a better way to give employees and vendors the access they needed (without compromising security)... which is precisely what Sign In Compliance did. Through its contract management, travel reporting, and visitor access request capabilities, Sign In Compliance enabled David to create custom roles, access points, and workflows for everyone on his team. This cut down on the back and forth, kept his inbox manageable, and let the employees interface more with the software - instead of David.

“Now my team has all that information right at their fingertips… they're not waiting for an email back from me because they needed to see a form or change a contract. Now, they can do it directly themselves. Everything they need is right there.”


“It cut down our meetings by 75%"

Sign In Compliance helped David bring everything together and put NetApp’s security protocols all in one place.

Now when David and his team log in, it’s all there… for everyone. This is like a dream come true for an Industrial Security Manager. He can see exactly when someone submits a form, request, or contract. He can see where they’re at in the process. And best of all, he can sleep better at night knowing his employees are equipped, engaged, and energized. Because now they have everything they need to do their jobs efficiently.

And that “death by meeting” thing… it’s gone.

“I've actually been able to take that weekly meeting and it's now once a month. And it's super short. We just hop on a call, check in, cover any housekeeping items, and that’s it. Because of Sign In Compliance, our one-hour meetings now only take 15 minutes.”