How Sign In Compliance is Helping Schneider Electric Build an “Employee-Powered” Company Culture

Schneider Electric Buildings Critical Systems, Inc.


Schneider Electric Buildings Critical Systems, Inc.

Schneider Electric Buildings Critical Systems, Inc. is experienced in building management systems and electronic security systems. They focus on commercial, data center, and Federal projects in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC areas and provide building automation, security, and integration services to US Government buildings around the world.


Antiquated, Outdated, Unusable Security Software

Jesse Wiegand is the Facility Security Officer (FSO) for Schneider Electric Buildings Critical Systems. After a long career in the military and law enforcement, he was happy to join the Schneider team to help them maintain their competitive advantage and stay compliant with the necessary security protocols.

But after he settled into his new position, one thing became abundantly clear: the existing security software was cumbersome, confusing, and nearly 100% useless. In fact, an internal audit revealed that the company’s existing security software was not only failing to meet the company’s needs, it was actually causing them to lose money due to the near uselessness of it.

In particular, employee engagement rates were low, and though Schneider had all the necessary security resources available, Jesse and his team found it difficult to find, share, and collaborate on the information they needed.

“The old system was cumbersome. I couldn’t import data, assign roles, or send forms… not without a hassle. I couldn't even enter names without calling support, and the worst part – I had no idea what my employees were doing. Sign In Compliance solved those problems for us.”


Out with the old, in with the new

After finding Sign In Compliance, Jesse was immediately drawn to their fresh, collaborative, employee-focused approach. And his initial conversations with the Sign In Compliance team were very promising.

He was quickly able to import his users, assign roles, and create teams. That was a huge help, and it was easy to do. Now he can log in to one place and see his users and what they’re working on… all in one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

“With Sign In Compliance, there’s nothing I have to figure out,” he says. “It’s all intuitive.” “Here’s a good example: I recently had a user who did some foreign travel. I was able to go right to that user, enter the information into Sign In Compliance, and it took me one minute.”

“With our old software, I’d have to create the user manually and then try to figure out where the foreign travel information was located - because I had no idea. And when I’d reach out to support they’d say something like, ‘We have a manual, go to the help section and you should be able to find it in the manual’ and I’d just give up.”

Sign In Compliance changed that for Jesse and his team. Because now, everyone knows what to find, where to find it, and the Sign In Compliance team is there for them every step of the way.

“Another big selling point for Sign In Compliance is their customer service team. They’ve been awesome and guided us through the whole process. I've had open access to the staff and anytime I need something, they’ve been very quick to respond. Phenomenal.”


More Engagement, Less Meetings, Empowered Teams

Sign In Compliance helped Jesse bring his teams together, give them what they need to do their jobs, and empower them to own more of their decisions.

Whether it’s tracking and reporting, contracts, permits, signatures, cyber security, or foreign travel, his teams have everything they need to work collaboratively, swiftly, and efficiently.

No more wasting time trying to “figure things out.” No more spending hours entering information, adding users, or tracking progress on contracts. No more outdated software, sticky notes on the desk, and fruitless back and forth with unhelpful customer service reps.

When asked what he’d say to other Facility Security Officers looking for security software solutions… his reply, was simple:

“I recommend you take a look at Sign In Compliance because I’m convinced it’s the single best instrument of choice for us in the FSO world, period.”