When Time is Money, Belcan & Sign In Compliance Solve for Security Compliance Success


One needs to look no further than the September 2013 Navy Yard mass shooting in Washington, D.C. to understand the importance of security clearances and the vetting process behind them. Security executives are responsible for protecting what matters most - their company, employees and security - which means empowering their team of FSOs to maintain a strong frontline of defense. Attack that problem.

Chuck Helton, Belcan Government Services’ FSO, undertook this function head-on when he joined Belcan, which had recently acquired three companies to form Belcan Government Services. Helton had to consolidate three different lists of cleared personnel across multiple cities supporting various government contracts into one centralized location for single view management, all while avoiding potential lapses or disruptions in compliance.

Enter Sign In Compliance, an innovative cloud-based platform that modernizes and accelerates the cleared personnel management process, giving security executives control and visibility to make projections and decisions quickly all within one central interface.

Belcan's Initial Challenge

  • Managing more than 750 cleared personnel across multiple regions supporting various government agencies - an especially overwhelming task for a lean team responsible for ensuring compliance during ongoing employee transitions and onboarding.
  • Collecting employee information. Without an employee facing solution, the FSO was singularly responsible for manually maintaining cleared employee profiles in their former platform. Funneling information through the FSO exposed their program to lengthy processes and potential human error.
  • Manually tracking mandatory security training. A lack of automated processes and visibility made it difficult to keeping track of training completion.

The Sign In Compliance Solution

  • Risk reduction. Automatic risk scoring of employees based on a proprietary algorithm evaluating behavior along with collaborative reporting ensures threats are continuously identified.
  • Ease of use. FSOs are able to get up and running with Sign In Compliance in just hours, allowing for a swift onboarding experience. During role transition, a central location of stored documents creates a seamless user experience.
  • Time/cost savings. By automating processes, Belcan increased communication, saving them both time and money.
  • Cloud-based accessibility. Belcan’s team can securely utilize Sign In Compliance through any internet connection and enjoy instant product support and updates with little to no downtime.
  • Employee collaboration. Employees are able to enter, update and verify their own information, thus reducing human error of data entry.

Using Sign In Compliance, Belcan:

The net result for Belcan’s Leadership: $1,905,000, with lower headcount, or by reallocating time to things like HR, Sales, Delivery or real security.


At Belcan Government Services, security and risk management are mission-critical, and that mission demands security tools and technology that protect both time and budget. As Belcan continues to grow, a mature security process – powered by a trusted partnership with Sign In Compliance – will allow security leaders like Chuck Helton to protect what matters most. From preparing for government audits to managing cleared and transitioning employees to integrating incoming cleared personnel, Belcan and Sign In Compliance deliver measurable results.