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06/02/2017 ThreatSwitch code Release

Jessica Crytzer
June 5, 2017

As we strive to do every couple of weeks, we have released a few improvements and fixes to ThreatSwitch. This week, most of the fixes were just cleanups to our major release from two weeks ago, but we also added a couple of minor new features. Here's the full list:

  • Blocked downloads now trigger user alert
  • Pagination and displayed count totals fixed
  • Internet Explorer user display fixes on all edit screens
  • Document source change crash fixed
  • Dropdown position added to types: Eligibilities, Accesses, Agencies, Investigations, Polygraphs
  • General code cleanup
  • Removed "clearances" label in various places in the applicaton in favor of "accesses"
  • Added user accesses to user summary view


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