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06/26/2017 ThreatSwitch Code Release

Jessica Crytzer
June 26, 2017

As we strive to do every couple of weeks, we have released a few improvements and fixes to ThreatSwitch. This week, we released a couple of new reports to round out the new reportable information tools for employees and security managers -- but we also added a couple of new features, too.

First, here are the new things you'll find when you log on:

  • Security Managers can now easily identify an employee or a group of employees by alphabetically sorting employees by name, role, access and contract columns in the ThreatSwitch People Management Module.
  • Security Managers of FOCI companies can now maintain a log of telephone activity (including conference calls) between the parent and subsidiaries and/or parent and affiliates in the ThreatSwitch Report Module. 
  • Security Managers can record any type of foreign contact to assess potential threats to employees or the organization. 
  • The Employee Portal (homepage) is now updated with a new User Interface. 
  • The left-hand Security Manager navigation bar has been updated and streamlined 
  • A new help icon was added in the employee delete confirmation popup which provides guidance to Security Managers when removing users from ThreatSwitch.
  • ThreatSwitch now warns Security Managers before of file deletion, asking the Security Managers to confirm file deletion before removal. 
  • Radial colors on the Security Managers dashboard have been updated to easier-to-identify colors

In addition, as always we worked out a few kinks, including:

  • You can now choose a past date when creating a Foreign Contact and Changes in My Life report.
  • Edge users can now see information pop-ups.
  • New training assigned to an employee by the FSO is now updated instantly in the employee view.
  • Security Managers can now delete polygraph records.

As always just click on the help icon to chat with us about these changes, or anything else!

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