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07/11/2017 ThreatSwitch Upgrades: Travel, JPAS Sync, Bug Fixes

John Dillard
July 14, 2017

It's that time again! Every couple of weeks we make ThreatSwitch better. This week, the upgrades include new and improved travel reporting for all employees, a major upgrade to JPAS synchronization, and a few bug fixes. Let's break it down:

Here are the new things you'll find when you log on:

  • BIG update to JPAS synchronization including the ability to:
  • Easily drag-and-drop JPAS information for import
  • Create new accounts from JPAS data
  • Accept or reject updates in imported information
  • Quickly review records that changed or are new
  • Better, in-depth forms and a new look and feel for Travel Reporting in the "Reportable Information" module
  • Updated Accesses and Eligibility Logic in the "People" model

  • Updated the ability to access Reportable Information details, as needed, by security managers 

In addition, we worked out a few kinks, including bugs related tofile management, reporting and system stability.

As always just click on the help icon to chat with us about these changes, or anything else!

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