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07/31/2017 ThreatSwitch Upgrades: JPAS Sync, Adding Users, Performance Upgrades, Bug Fixes

John Dillard
July 31, 2017

We couldn't let July end without a few more summer improvements to ThreatSwitch.  This week, the upgrades include improvements to JPAS importing, a brand new employee upload tool, a significant performance enhancement that will benefit larger companies in particular, and as always a few more bug fixes. Let's break it down:

Here are the new things you'll find when you log on:

  • A brand new Employee Uploader that lets the security team:
Employee Upload.png
  • Use a pre-defined CSV file (provided in the Uploader) to add many new employee users at once
  • Once the initial list of users is created and imported, their information can be updated using JPAS synchronization 
  • An enhancement to JPAS synchronization including the ability to:
  • Create new users during the JPAS synchronization process, and have them invited automatically
  • Update user profiles (accesses, eligibility, etc) as imported through JPAS files
  • Better handle unknown or unusual JPAS access and eligibility labels
  • Significant improvements across the application in performance, that reduce screen loading time in training, reports, dashboards, and other employee-related views

  • A variety of minor bug fixes to improve stability and performance


As always just click on the help icon to chat with us about these changes, or anything else!

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