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A VAR-y Awesome Update to ThreatSwitch

John Dillard
March 7, 2018

You asked, we delivered. You can now track Visitor Access Requests (VARs) in ThreatSwitch. In addition, we made a few improvements to the user interface, the way active and inactive employees behave, and table formatting.


New feature: Visitor Access Requests

Security managers can now track and create Visitor Access Requests (VARs) directly from ThreatSwitch!

  • Security Managers can create / update and delete VARs as needed
  • Visits can be tracked by name, Social Security number, date, point of contact, as well as the origin and destination.
  • A view of all VARs is the system is available for the Security Manager to view
  • The full list of visits can be exported in CSV format at any time. Just click "Create Report."

Other Improvements:

  • Security Managers and Assistant Security Managers are no longer constrained to their assigned facilities when adding new Reportable Information.
  • Inactive users are now more clearly marked in the Users view.
  • All tables can now correctly remember your per-page setting. If you're a person who likes seeing 50 items at a time, you'll only need to make the change once!
  • Fixed an issue with employee names missing in CSV exports.
  • Minor issues regarding Reports were addressed to make Reports more robust and more readable

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