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Attach Documents to Contracts! Mark Users as Inactive!

John Dillard
February 24, 2018

We've heard your requests for more flexibility around contract documents, managing users who are inactive, more detailed user profiles, and even better handling of CAGE codes.  The latest version of ThreatSwitch offers a host of new features!.




New Features: Documents, Inactive Users


Improvements to documents and attachments:

  • Documents (and external URLs) can now be attached directly to contracts. Contracts now have their own detail view, with a new tab for things like DD254s.
  • The document upload screen has been streamlined. It's easier, faster, and more responsive.
  • It's now possible to include multiple documents in your trainings. Employees will see the full list of included files and URLs, rather than a single link.

Improvements to user profiles:

  • Users can now be marked as 'inactive', effectively disabling an account without deleting it.
  • Upon reinstatement, inactive users will receive an e-mail notification.
  • We now support the ability to store Employee IDs (or Badge IDs) along with other account details.

Other Improvements:

  1. User eligibilities are more flexible and less error-prone.
  2. A problem with displaying older trainings has been resolved.
  3. Error messages, should you encounter one, have been rewritten to be more informative.
  4. Night owls will notice that an important time zone bug has been fixed in the "Create Report" feature.
  5. As always, we've improved account security.

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