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Classified Asset Transfers

Danny Solow
November 3, 2020

When classified assets move around, security teams have an obligation to carefully follow industrial security guidelines, which include generating cover letters, tracking the document, and ensuring that it was received. ThreatSwitch now bundles all of that together with Asset Receipts and transfers. Say goodbye to manual tracking processes and welcome in a new era of simple automation.


Classified Transfer Receipts

Manage the creation and return of transfer receipts with ease

Any transfer from one facility to another will generate a beautiful cover letter consistent with regulatory best practices. You can store common addresses in ThreatSwitch, so you don't need to look them up each time you send something out. Lastly, track the returned receipt with the initial transfer record for easy storage.

Transfer receipts are an easy way to start automating your security processes in ThreatSwitch.

Simple Receipt Creation


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