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Containers and Secure Areas

Danny Solow
January 30, 2020

One of our major initiatives in 2020 is to improve asset management security and processes. We've quickly learned this is a major problem for industrial security involving the usual headaches - lots of emailing, fuzzy regulations, and long checklists. With such a big and complicated problem that ranges from origination receipt to audits to destruction, we're starting small. So first things first, where are your assets?



To answer that question, we're releasing Container and Secure Area tracking. Containers are anywhere a document or asset lives. Now with ThreatSwitch, you can capture all key container metadata such as storage level, location, combination change dates, and more.

We're excited about this update not only because we're now collecting foundational asset location information, but also because it lays the groundwork for lots of fun asset management workflows to come. If you're as jazzed about assets as we are, click the big red button below to learn more.

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