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COVID-19 Reporting: Support Your Employees and Reduce Disruption

John Dillard
April 8, 2020

All of our customers are affected by COVID-19, and all of our customers employ employees critical to the security and safety of our country. 

It's critical for our customers to know who might be affected by the virus, who may have disruptions in their work patterns, and what their current status is. This allows each company to:

1. Support those employees who need help and

2. Manage COVID-19's disruptions to national security and positions of public trust. 

To that end, we just pushed an update to our reportable information module that allows employees to report their COVID-19 status, consistent with our customers' internal policies and the employees' consent. 

Everyone in the company can now quickly report their COVID-19 status

This feature is already available to all customers. We recommend that you clearly communicate to employees how they should use the report, consistent with internal policies on reporting health-related information. 

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