Here’s How Our SOC2 Type II Certification Helps YOU

Adam Cleveland
June 23, 2021

Remember when we were excited to announce that we received SOC2 Type I certification?

This designation allowed us to show our customers just how mature our information security program was – substantiated by an independent third party. (Without that authentication, it’s like your friend telling you he has a girlfriend who “goes to another school.” Seems a little shady.)

Now, a little over a year later, we’ve got more news to share: We’re SOC2 Type II certified.



Throughout 2020, ThreatSwitch underwent Type II auditing.

Check out our letter certifying that we had a clean audit here.

Maintaining the certification is an ongoing process that we’re committed to so that we can continue to protect your most sensitive data and information.

But let’s talk about what you really want to know: What does this mean for you and the security domain you’re responsible for?

You Can Trust ThreatSwitch

The SOC2 Type II certification and the process of remaining compliant is what helps us keep our promise to you.

Your Data Stays Private

We implement stringent controls that keep our team from accessing your information. Plus, we’d never sell or share it.

We Keep a Solid Data Trail

When it comes to issues of compliance, it’s vital to be able to identify who has made changes, how the changes were made, and when they took place.

We provide you with a powerful history feature so you can get answers quickly.

You Control Permissions 

You get to configure the roles and permissions so you’re in charge of what each user can see and do.

We’re Transparent

Once a year, (at least!) we assess the core providers we partner with. 

If we find that anything is amiss that would pose a threat to our customers, we dig deeper to find out what the level of risk is and what impact it could have. 

Plus, we continue to monitor them as they fix the issue.

We Work for You

We have an Information and Risk Management Committee that convenes on a regular basis to examine security initiatives at three levels:

  • Product
  • Company
  • Infrastructure

In addition, our employees are vetted by a thorough background check, and they agree to a code of conduct.

But that’s not all – we also require security awareness training annually.

Are you ready to protect what matters most? Let’s talk about how ThreatSwitch can help.

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