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Introducing Advanced Reports and Analytics

Danny Solow
September 12, 2019

When a conversation happens over and over with different customers, it is a good indication of its importance. For our team, that repeated conversation has been about reports, and it has been important to everyone from assistant FSOs to C-suite executives. The bottom line is that easy access to data is the cornerstone of how effective businesses run their security program.



ThreatSwitch Advanced Reports: Now with less manual labor.

For executives, the performance of the security program is front-of-mind. They may ask, "Are we effectively mitigating risk on our contracts?" Or, "How efficient is our security program?"

Other stakeholders might have questions about staffing, such as, "How many employees are available with a select eligibility?" An Insider Threat Working Group member might ask about the number of cyber incidents at a facility in a given period of time.

I could go on forever. There are infinite combinations of questions that organizations might have, and the parameters of the question will be different for each and every company.

Enterprise security professionals, including our customers, are trying to answer these questions. When we surveyed the existing security landscape, we found SQL-heavy query tools that require engineers to use visualization tools that were a separate and bulky add-ons to existing products. Where customization was available, it required interaction with software developers.

ThreatSwitch decided to do something different, and we set about solving this big problem with a big solution. We are very excited to introduce Advanced Reports and Analytics: the first fully dynamic reporting, analytics, and dashboard engine designed specifically for security teams.

Image 2019-09-09 at 4.55.13 PM

So what makes ThreatSwitch Advanced Reports and Analytics different?

  1. Total Customization - Stakeholders can be "particular" (that's putting it nicely), but we've got your back. Do you want a certain excel column to appear all the way on the right? You've got it with simple drag-and-drop interfaces. How about a fuchsia-colored bar chart with different counts? Done. Maps? Easy, just turn them on. When we say you have the power to build whatever you want with your data, we mean it.
  2. Visualization and Dashboards - The aforementioned fuchsia-colored bar chart would sure be a great thing to combine with some of your other reports. We have good news - you can combine your fully customizable charts and tables into beautiful dashboards that can be downloaded or shared via email. ThreatSwitch contains ready-made dashboards to get you started, and you can create your own, specialized dashboards for each audience or meeting.
  3. Share your data - Speaking of downloading, security managers need to grab data that can be shared internally. With Advanced Reports, you can download any dataset into .txt, .csv, or Excel file formats instantly. ThreatSwitch also supports automatic scheduling and emailing of data to always get the right information to the right people.
  4. Get answers faster - ThreatSwitch provides you with a library of stock pre-built reports, and if you don't see what you need, you can create your own ad-hoc queries in minutes. You can always save custom reports for use later, and if you still need a hand, the ThreatSwitch team can build something for you that magically appears in your report library. No emailing required - just results.

I'm just scratching the surface of everything you can do with Advanced Reports. There's more to discuss, and we'd love to chat. Reach out to your Customer Success representative today, or if you haven't yet realized the value, speed, and efficiency of cloud-based industrial security in ThreatSwitch, click the schedule a demo link below.

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