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Introducing Badges

John Dillard
May 1, 2018

As it turns out, we do need badges.  Fortunately, we're here to help:  The latest version of ThreatSwitch includes Badge Management (as well as a whole lot of enhancements and bug fixes)!


Badge Management:

  • Users can be given multiple badges, which track a variety of data including the issuing agency, expiration date, and associated contract
  • All badges for a specific user appear under his or her profile page (right next to Reports)
  • Similar to our other data tables, users can generate a .CSV report by clicking the 'Create Report' link at the top of the page

Document Control is now Asset Control:

  • Document Control is now much more useful!  In fact, it can now handle things other than documents.  So, we had to call it 'Asset Control' instead.
  • We've added new fields to track the asset type, location, and CAGE code
  • Assets now feature supporting documents.  The paperwork that's normally associated with tracking classified assets can now be managed from within ThreatSwitch.

Other Fixes:

  • Added new filtering options to the 'Assign Training' page
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to appear as 'Inactive' when they were, in fact, active
  • Added new fields to the Visit Requests CSV report
  • Searching by first name and last name now works as expected in the Training screen
  • Fixed sorting issues on several screens
  • Fixed an issue involving assigning trainings to multiple users
  • ... And much, much more

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