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John Dillard
December 15, 2017


December is here, which means extra time off and presents. Just for you, we've updated ThreatSwitch!

What's New

This week, made a few minor but needed tweaks to improve the look and feel of ThreatSwitch. 

You can find all new guides to the training center at our support knowledgebase.

Keep reading for the details!

Enhancements to passwords, paging, and file management

  • Employees have an improved UI to reset their own passwword
  • Paging for the contracts view is easier on the eyes for our large customers
  • Added “Back” and “Cancel” buttons in the Create Training Flow
  • Improved manageability of files in the system, in several views. 

Fixes and Minor Improvements

  • Deprecate the “display name” field
  • Minor Spelling and UI Changes
  • On People/Accesses – show all Contracts in the drop down, not just first 10.
  • Addressed the issue of Editing / Deleting Contracts
  •  Sorting added to Contracts view
  • Added searching to Contracts view
  • Training – File link expiration extended, so it does not expire after 30sec – allowing enough time to the user to click on the link.
  • FSOs now cannot delete their own account.


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