Mach37: Innovation & productivity

Ainsley Amundson
November 2, 2016

 Mach37: Innovation & productivity

        By    John Gilroy     November 1, 2016 10:10 pm      

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Today we are going to take a look at a local incubation hub: Mach37.  Representing Mach37 is managing partner, Rick Gordon.  Also in the studio are two individuals that have worked within the Mach 37 program:  Tensor Wrench  CEO Jason Wagner, and John Dillard, CEO of  Threat Switch.


Head shots of Rick Gordon, Jason Wagner, and John Dillard
         Rick Gordon, Jason Wagner, and John Dillard    


In the first part of the interview, Gordon talks about the origins of Mach37.  What they try to do is select companies who are in the early stages and need guidance to “lift off.” Companies accepted into the program get an initial $50,000 investment.  The companies are placed in groups, or cohorts, one in the spring and on in the fall.  In the Mach37 nomenclature, the fall 2016 group is called “F-16,” or the fall 2016 group.


Wagner was part of the spring 2015 group or S-15.  His company, Tensor Wrench, puts humans first. They try to provide data integration that works for humans, not necessarily servers.


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Dillard’s company, Threat Switch, is based in North Carolina.  He is part of the fall 2016 group, or F-16.  He assists cybersecurity professionals to gain a handle on all of the complex compliance requirements they face.


Mach37 is an example of someone trying to reduce the cost of federal information technology systems, with a focus on cybersecurity.


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