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MAJOR ThreatSwitch Upgrade. Roles and Facilities Just Leveled Up.

John Dillard
February 1, 2018

I know, I know. We JUST released exports and facility assignments to kick off the new year, and we're already writing about new stuff. You didn't even get a breather. Don't worry, this is totally worth it: we have significantly improved user roles and added the ability to views by facility / CAGE code.




New Features: Enhanced Roles, Facility Views, and New Views


User roles have been enhanced significantly:

Based on your feedback, we revamped the user roles, which now include:

  1. "Admin"
  2. "Security Manager" 
  3. "Assistant Security Manager"
  4. "Employee" 
  • Admin users have unlimited access accross all facilities, and can create any user type
  • Additional security users (Security Manager, Assistant Security Manager) now have limitations on user creation and modifying account information like company data
  • Non-Admin users may now be restricted to view information on facilities to which they are assigned
  • User roles may be changed in the detailed person view

Accounts may now restrict views based on facility / CAGE code.

Our larger customers that service multiple, diverse facilities often prefer to limit a security manager's view only to the data pertaining to his or her facility. This new update makes that possible. While Admins will always see all data accross all facilities, Security Managers and Assistant Secrity Managers now will see data only for the CAGE code(s) to which they are assigned. Here are the detailed changes:

  • People, Training, Reporting, and Documents can be designated to a specific CAGE code or "All CAGE Codes."
  • Any information designated with a CAGE code (or more than one CAGE code) will not be visible to users that are not assigned to that CAGE code.
  • Any information designated as "All CAGE codes" is visible to all authorized users in the company.
  • Exports generated by a user restricted to certain CAGE codes will only generate results for those CAGE codes

Reportable information now appears in each person's detail view.

Want to review all of the reports associated with a person as part of his or her record? Just navigate to the person and check out the new "Reports" tab for every individual. In addition to appearing in the overall list of reportable information, every security manager has a more complete personnel record that includes the reportable information for that person.  

Other Improvements:

  1. Reset Password flow is much more streamlined and easier to use.
  2. Welcome emails are more specific and tailored to the life cycle of a user in the system.
  3. Minor UI improvements to enhace usability and simplicity

Bug Fixes:

More than 30 defects and bugs were fixed in this release. The ones you're most likely to notice are::

  •  Reset Password messages are tailored to the type of error that ocurred when providing the email (for example, email is not valid).
  • SM and ASM are blocked from creating facilities in the system
  • Activity feed issues were addressed 
  • Date Picker style updated
  • Search for people is  no longer case sensitive
  • When needed, a "new account" email can be resent to a user

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