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Multi-Employee VARs

Danny Solow
March 10, 2020

You asked. We listened. ThreatSwitch's Visit Access Request module has made it quick and easy for employees to communicate directly with security managers regarding upcoming customer visits. Up until now, we've focused on simplifying this process for a single employee. Now, VARs in ThreatSwitch are more powerful than ever by allowing employees to submit requests on behalf of groups of users.



VARs for groups are available. Selfies not required.

We hope this change makes it easier for program managers and project managers to handle key tasks on behalf of large groups, eliminating duplicative data entry along the way. And as before, subjects of the visit request will receive email notifications alerting them of updates as security managers upload the VAR to JPAS.


If you'd like to check it out, click the big red schedule a demo button below.

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