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Danny Solow
May 5, 2020

Reports: we build them all the time. Getting the right data in the right hands is critical for a security team. Good data mitigates risk and highlights security operational successes and problems. With ThreatSwitch, we've made it easy to create those reports and gather any imaginable data on your security program. Now we've made it easier than ever to share that information, and optionally on a recurring basis.



Send your reports out like paper airplanes across your organization

With ThreatSwitch Report Sending and Scheduling, users with report-building power can choose to send data to other people in the organization. Data can be sent over email in a variety of formats including CSV, Excel, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

These reports can also be scheduled to go out on a recurring basis, similar to a recurring calendar invitation. Do you have a staffing report that goes out every third Wednesday? With a few clicks, that can be configured in ThreatSwitch.


There's some other really powerful stuff under the hood here as well. ThreatSwitch can send reports via Webhook, Amazon S3, or SFTP. If those words don't mean anything to you, here's what you need to know: ThreatSwitch can easily connect to any in-house data system that you have to store data. For example, if you want HR or contract data to be updated based on information in ThreatSwitch, you can do so within minutes.

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