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Taking training to school

Barrett Summerlin
May 27, 2021

With our latest release, ThreatSwitch has improved the look and feel of the training module to take advantage of features you know and love from other parts of the application. These updates will allow you to better create, assign, and manage training. Perhaps most importantly, it will allow you and employees to communicate about their assigned training directly in ThreatSwitch. It also just looks cooler. Read on for more details!



What does this mean for Administrators and Security Managers?

Our upgraded training module takes the simplicity of our existing training module and adds improved tables and views to better match how you actually work. It adds new features, including:

  • Customizable filters so that you can quickly find the courses and assignments you need
  • An "Assignments" view that clearly shows who is assigned what and when it's due
  • A new and improved detail view for each person's assignments
  • Commenting that allows you to tag individuals (using @) and communicate inside the training module

Worried about existing training? No sweat; all previously completed training will be right where you left it. 

What does this mean for employees?

Employees will have an even easier experience, highlighted by the new commenting feature. If they are stuck on a training assignment, have a question, or need to explain anything to the security team, they can do so right in their own training detail view. 

Interested in taking a closer look at ThreatSwitch's training solution?

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