ThreatSwitch Crystal Ball Webinar Recap

Threatswitch Team
December 5, 2022

ThreatSwitch CEO, John Dillard, sat down with Keith Metcalfe from Sign In Enterprise, formerly TractionGuest, in a wide ranging conversation to talk about compliance and risk management trends coming in the next year. Following are highlights of that conversation.

Watch the full video for a discussion on:

  • What’s changing in 2023
  • The importance of standardization with unique local applications
  • Calculating and communicating return on investment of security investments
  • How cloud-based software is driving a reorganization within security teams

About the Speakers

Guests are everyone now 

Guests used to mean someone external to the enterprise, for example, a customer or partner or perhaps a contractor. But now, guests are everyone and safety procedures should focus not just on keeping certain people out, but finding ways to make people feel welcome to come in. 

Engaging employees: make it easy, safe, and transparent

Making the entire system work seamlessly entails the following: 

  • Make it easy: Too many systems are overly complex, hard, and difficult to manage, subjecting guests to unpleasant engagements.
  • Make it safe: Individuals who perform sensitive tasks involving sensitive information need to feel safe to engage in those activities and need to trust the process.
  • Make it transparent: There needs to be a clear understanding of why people are being asked to comply with certain procedures, e.g. why a new protocol must be implemented because of a new federal contract. 

Establishing standards accelerates work

Enterprises leveraging a cloud-based visitor management system can quickly adjust and optimize for local applications. On premise software is time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. Worse still are companies that maintain their security logs in spreadsheets and on paper which make audits problematic.

Security ROI: include risk and not just costs in your calculation

Security executives should think like insurance adjusters, taking into account overall risk, not just cost. Security ROI includes: 

  • Reduction in administration costs
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Reduction of visitor security risks
  • Benefits of centralized security data

Remote work has made the workplace far more complex

The confluence of physical security, visitor management, and employee engagement is changing rapidly, driven by remote and hybrid work. 

Link to read the transcript

Link to Visitor Management ROI Calculator

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