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ThreatSwitch Update - Big Changes to Reportable Info

John Dillard
June 16, 2017


We know that we just told you about a major update to personnel security, but we have even more great news to share. This one will be a massive time-saver for both employees and security managers.

What's New

This week, we completely revamped the reporting function to make it incredibly easy to gather custom information from your employees depending on the type of report. This is a big boost for both your insider threat program as well as getting you ready for coming changes to foreign travel and other reporting requirements. We also delivered shiny new bug fixes, a few minor improvements to the personnel security module, and general improvements that to performance and load time. Keep reading for the details!

New Reportable Information Overview

When you click on "Reportable Information" you'll get a brand new view of incidents, violations, and routine reports. The changes include:

  • A read and unread indicator for every report
  • A new and improved details view for every report, customized based on the report type
  • A new file upload interface for every report
  • A new comments indicator, so that you know when your peers or working group members have commented on reports
  • Significant visual improvements to general layout and style

New Custom Report Wizards

Here are the types of reports you and your employees can now enter and track in ThreatSwitch:

  • Cyber Attacks
  • Suspicious Activity
  • Foreign Allegiance
  • Foreign Influence
  • Disloyalty to the US
  • Outside Employment or Activities
  • Personal Conduct
  • Alcohol and Drug Activity
  • Criminal Conduct
  • Financial Conduct
  • Sexual Behavior
  • Misuse of tech
  • Mishandling Sensitive Information
  • Psychological Conditions

In addition, over the next several days, we will be introducing revisions to the following report types:

  • Foreign Travel
  • Foreign Contacts
  • FOCI Call Logging
  • Changes in Personal Status

Other Improvements to Personnel Security and Documents

That's not all! Here are a few other non-reporting goodies in this week's release:

  • FSOs can now upload files to specific user profiles; those files are only associated with that user and separated from the rest of the files in the system.
  • Redesign and general maintenance of the system to improve page loading time as well as the general user experience. 
  • Navigation and menu enhancements and simplification

Other Improvements to Personnel Security and Documents

Finally, we fixed a few bugs that should no longer trouble you. 

  • Remark placement is now at the bottom of the page
  • Fix to simultaneous login error
  • Fix to missing download button in some document views
  • Fix to occasional inability to delete polygraph records
  • Fix to missing training dates
  • FSO can now update email addresses of users

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