ThreatSwitch Workflows: Your New All-in-One Go-To for Collaboration & Productivity

Peter Akeley
April 19, 2022

Your job is to make sure everything gets done effectively and securely.

Whether you’re managing compliance or handling security regulations, you need a way to make sure the appropriate tasks are delegated, that they move through all the necessary steps, and that they’re successfully completed in a timely manner.

These tasks may be assigned to specific individuals and, once completed, automatically update the status of the work. Tasks may involve digital forms (e.g. e-signatures), files, or simple collaboration.

It’s your responsibility to enable your organization with scalable and repeatable processes, automating as necessary, but always with security best practices in mind.

It can all be complex and more than a little confusing.

Enter ThreatSwitch Workflows.


ThreatSwitch Workflows

We’d like to announce the launch of Workflows for new and existing ThreatSwitch customers, available Now!

Here’s what you need to know about this exciting new tool.


What are Workflows?

ThreatSwitch Workflows is a collaboration-centric, customizable workflow management hub that allows ThreatSwitch Administrators to define their own processes, create tickets for everything moving through the workflows, and collaborate within ThreatSwitch to get tasks done, while analyzing and visualizing progress.

With ThreatSwitch Workflows, you can manage and facilitate organizational processes through Tickets and affiliated Tasks. Enabling collaboration throughout the entire workflow, all in a single platform.


Workflow Features



With Workflows, there’s no more having to chase anyone down. You can collaborate where it matters.

Communication and collaboration among internal stakeholders, security teams, or external/third-party people are facilitated throughout the entire process.

From pre-submission, on the ticket, on tasks, and throughout setup and configuration, you can comment. The comment feature can be open to “Public” or restricted to “Admin-Only.”

For example, Admin-only comments exist for those sensitive conversations that the security team may need to have amongst themselves and not shared with everyone else on the ticket.


After a ticket has been submitted, the Tasks feature enables you to facilitate getting the work done.

These are the drivers of work for a ticket. They can be assigned to anyone, you can define a due date, communicate/collaborate, send reminders, and facilitate the completion of work.

You can also track the history of a Task or Tasks, and gain easy access to your Tasks' status, completion date/due date - with an emphasis on overdue tasks.

Tickets View

Quickly see and manage your tickets pertaining to a Workflow via a single-pane of glass.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to capture specific information during the submission of a Ticket without the need for a form or a document.

You have a ton of information that needs to be captured or documented throughout a process. It doesn’t make sense to have to leverage a digital form or document, and with ThreatSwitch Workflows, you now don’t have to.

Reminders and Notifications

With this feature, you don’t need to remember to manually follow up on efforts to get work done. It drives efficiency and prevents wasted time.

Custom Statuses 

You define the statuses that reflect your organization’s workflows and the stages that a Ticket must go through for completion.


Change the way you work with ThreatSwitch Workflows

You don’t have to endure limited capabilities and the resulting frustration any longer.

With our new tool, you can boost efficiency, and consolidate management of processes to a single, user-friendly platform.

Get in touch to find out more about implementing Workflows in your organization.

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