Crystal Ball: 2023 Compliance & Risk Management Trends

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Are you on top of the important compliance trends barreling down on you in the coming months? We are, and we’re hosting a webinar just to discuss this critical topic.

Join us for a live webinar as John Dillard (Founder & CEO of Threatswitch) and Keith Metcalfe (Founder & Strategic Advisor at Traction Guest) will discuss what the biggest trends in compliance will be next year and how you can best prepare your organization for a hyper-hybrid world.

John Dillard
CEO, ThreatSwitch
Keith Metcalfe
Founder & Advisor, SIE

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Here's What You'll Learn

Why the traditional definitions of “visitor” and “guest” do not apply in 2023

The latest strategies organizations are implementing to inculcate an enterprise standard for visitor management in 2023

Best practices for developing security and compliance ROI models that justify project and ongoing investments

About The Speakers

John Dillard

Founder and CEO, ThreatSwitch

John Dillard is the Founder and CEO of ThreatSwitch and a recognized author and speaker on security, insider threat, and counterintelligence. His most recent work focuses on how technology and collaboration can improve security for both public and private sector organizations.

His company, ThreatSwitch, delivers software that helps cleared contractors build and maintain NISPOM-compliant security programs that engage employees, reduce company costs, and minimize administrative burden. Under John’s leadership, ThreatSwitch has been recognized as a 2018 NVTC Tech 100 company, 2018 Moxie Award finalist for being bold in business and 2019 Start Charlotte award finalist for Entrepreneurial Innovation.

John started his career at the CIA, where he was an Analyst and Graduate fellow focused on nuclear proliferation and nuclear security. His 20+ year career in security and intelligence includes time as an intelligence officer in the US Navy Reserve – where he was a unit security manager – and a stint as an FSO for his cleared company. He is also a Founder of Big Sky, a consulting and training firm that specializes in security, insider threat, and counterintelligence.

Keith Metcalfe

Founder & Advisor, Sign In Enterprise

Keith Metcalfe is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years experience building people, teams and companies at world-class software organizations like SAP and Business Objects. Keith is a recognized leader in the physical security space and works closely with Fortune 500 brands helping them reimagine their approach to workforce security and safety.

A cloud application advocate, Keith has been involved with the transition of on-premise software solutions to SAAS infrastructures for over 10 years. As security and facility specialists continue to look for secure solutions deployed across the enterprise, they have asked Keith to demonstrate on how they can leverage cloud-based visitor management solutions to provide check-in procedures that are integrated and standardized. As a passionate and regular speaker on the topic of security and facilities, Keith brings a new perspective and focus on the standardization and best practices required to serve global locations.